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Singer, Dancer, Actress, Model, Songwriter - Kat is a very talented Personality and open for new Projects and Jobs.


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10th Jun 2016

Premiere Haus ohne Dach

Nun wurde offiziell der Termin der Premiere von Haus ohne Dach bekannt gegeben. Der Film wird im Rahmen des Filmfests München am Montag, den 27.06.2016 um 9:30 Uhr gezeigt werden....

28th Apr 2016
collage_Premiere Marvel Civil War

At the Europe Premiere of Marvel Captain America 3: Civil War

These days Kat was spotted at the European Premiere of Marvels Capatin America 3: Civil War.

24th Jun 2015

Shootingpics from munich

Here are some pics of the shooting in munich…

26th May 2015

Shooting in Munich

Only a few weeks are left until Kat Madleine will be a part of the new Shooting which take part in munich, germany. For this Kat will be in munich...

22nd Mar 2015

Movieproduction Haus ohne Dach

Yesterday Kat was spotted at the set of the movie “Haus ohne Dach” produced by Soleen Yusef. She was taking part of the dance Session and a scene outside the...

27th Jan 2015

New Shooting 2015

For the big love to Bollywood Kat will have a Shooting for new Pictures in the next 2 Months!  Stay Excited!

24th May 2013

Songs online on YouTube

Ok, people.. I recorded some of thouse songs I wrote during the last months. Now I decided to upload them on my YouTube Channel. I recorded them all in my...

01st May 2013
design Homepage

New Homepage Design

As you can see, we have worked on the Hompage. We hope you like the new design. Kat really loves it. So guess this is it.  🙂 “I am speechless!...

22nd Apr 2013

Kat as Journalist

Boom.. these are great NEWS! Kat is now working for the Newspaper in Heilbronn called Heilbronner Stimme. Her first article was released on Monday, April 22 – “Mit geschlossenen Augen...

10th Apr 2013

New Shooting Pics

By now you can watch brand new Pictures of Kat from her last shooting in the Gallery. Check them out! They were taken on her birthday! So Congrats Kat!